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BEAUTY NEWS: Dior Addict Lacquer Sticks

DIOR 1 Photos by me / Mia Due

Sorry for being a little bit offline – but I just got back from the French Alps where I’ve been the last two weeks skiing. But, I am back, which means I’m not gonna trick you for any beauty updates no more!

When I got home I got a ton of packages with a lot of exciting beauty news. And in this huge pile of goodies was a little pretty Dior box …

Peter Phillips, the creative and image director of Dior makup have created some new lipsticks .. Or actually, it’s kind og a lipstick and gloss in one. They’re called lip lacquer and has a super high pigmentation, while the finish is more shiny than matt.

They come in 20 different colors and I’m totally in love with all of them!
But these are the ones I got …

Diablo – a super bright pink
Sauvage – a berry dark bourdeux red
Turn me Dior – a bright classical red
Tease – a baby rose pink

The last one is my favorite right now – but I know for sure that I’m gonna use all of them the whole summer. They feel super light and comfortable on the lips – almost like a lipbalm, which I like.

Another little surprise in the box was the new Lip Sugar Scrub. It’s a lip scrub but as a lipstick – how cool is that? You just apply it on your lips, scrub them together and voila! They’re smooth and soft and ready to apply lipstick on! Both the lacquer and the lip scrub costs 280 DKK and you can buy them here

x M

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