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TREATMENT: Brows by Kenny Anker

Kenny Anker Brows Fotograf: Tania Gibson 2016

Kenny Anker Brows
Fotograf: Tania Gibson 2016

FullSizeRender.jpgIMG_5052.JPGSorry the shitty pictures, I was feeling ill that day – and therefore not one of my greatest moments!

By now you should now that the Queen of Brows lives in Beverly Hills, Anastasia. She has a brand under the same name, Anastasia Beverly Hills and is the most known brow artist to fix the A-lists brows. But today is not about her ..

Copenhagen has got its own superstar when it comes to fixing and designing brows.
You need to remember this name, cause there’s no doubt is gonna be a big one.

Kenny Anker Brows

Forget everything you know about brows, cause this man right here – he’ll change your life, or at least your brows.
His oh so popular brow lifts already has a long waitlist and there’s no wonder. He doesn’t just tweeze and wax your brows,  he spends an entire hour to make them perfect.
I most say, this is the prettiest my brows has been forever! I’ve always admired other women (and men’s) big and beautiful brows – and now I got a pair of my own! Amazing.

He’s located in Copenhagen – but sometimes you’ll find him in Aarhus.
+45 20 62 92 75

x M

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