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Normally I’m not fan of a lot of organic products – and specially not when it comes to haircare. But these, I’m for sure fan of! They actually work and doesn’t just leave your hair greasy and heavy – the products cleans the hair and leaves it soft and feeling stronger.

This new treatment and styling collection from Björn Axén has minimum 95% natural ingredients and 10 % organic ingredients in it. All the best from Aloe vera, oils from shea, jojoba and sunflowers are just some of the natural ingredients in the products. It gives your hair loads of care, softness and smoothness.

Organic Moisturizing Conditioner, Björn Axén, 250 ml., 250 DKK HERE
Organic Moisturizing Gentle Shampoo, Björn Axén, 250 ml., 240 DKK HERE
Organic Texturizing Salt Water Spray, Björn Axén, 150 ml., 220 DKK HERE
Organic Universal Styling Cream, Björn Axén, 100 ml., 220 DKK HERE
Organic Caring Hair Oil 100 % Natural, Björn Axén, 30 ml., 290 DKK HERE

My favorites are the styling cream and oil – I mix these two, put them in towel dried hair and blow dry. It leaves the hair so beautiful and feeling super soft.

Tell me what you think!

x M

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