Bikini ready, already?

Summer kisses, the matte edition

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I’ve always loved matte lip colors, it just give such a feminine and sophisticated look. These matteshakers from Lancôme are not just fun to put on – look at the sponge kind of application – but they really give you a fine, simple color that last so good!
Why I think these lip colors works so well, is because you can build the look you desire. Sometime I love a full matte lip for a retro look – other times I like to just dap a small amount on the lips with my finger, to give my lips a little color – but without looking to make upped ..

Both the matte shakers and the lip liners comes in 7 different colors, and these are my favorites right now.


Matte Shaker, 189 Ready in 5, Lancôme, 175 DKK HERE

Matte Shaker, 378 Pink Power, Lancôme, 175 DKK HERE

Matte Shaker, 272 Energy Peach, Lancôme, 175 DKK HERE


Le Lip Liner, 290 Sheer Raspberry, Lancôme, 185 DKK HERE

Le Lip Liner, 06 Rose Thé, Lancôme, 185 DKK  HERE

Le Lip Liner, 132 Caprice, Lancôme,185 DKK  HERE

Hope you like these! They’re gonna be my pop of color this summer!

x M



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Bikini ready, already?