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7 Sunscreens You Need This Summer

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So, I guess the summer has arrived. Even though it went from biking with wool gloves to wearing short skirts in like, a day.
Therefore you need to take ekstra care of your skin – and I’ll help you find some of the best products for it.
Maybe you’re going on a vacation soon, or you’re just enjoying the summer at home – either way, there are different sunscreens and protectors for different use. I, for example do everything from a sporty vacation with hiking, sailing and surfing to just relaxing by the beach. I always make sure that I have the right sunscreens with me – and a good amount of that!


I hate the stickiness of a sunscreen in your face – it’s really hard to find one that doesn’t make your skin greasy or too white looking. I was super excited to find out that one of my favorite brands now has launched a sun protector with a little nice color in it! It’s super light, blends perfect and gives me that no-makeup-makeup look I want to achieve.

Alt-i-En Beskyttelse, Pudderdå, 245 DKK HERE


When exercising it’s important to have a good amount of sunscreen on – but again, you don’t wanna get greasy or slippery when you paddle around in the ocean or running the mountains.
This sunscreen is super light, easy to blend into your skin and it has a water-resistant of 40 minutes. It has a SPF50 which you really need when you do some kind of sport for a long time in the sun.

Protection 50 Sport, Dermalogica, 275 DKK HERE


If you’re not much of a playfull pool person – but more like the one that enjoys a few drinks in the sun by the pool, this product is for you. It gives you a SPF30 – and a beautiful looking glow. This sunscreen contains organic and natural ingredients ang gives a nice little shimmer effect on your skin.

Sun Body Lotion 30 Shimmer Edition, Rudolph Sun, 165 DKK HERE


Nothing is worse than having a sunburn – it can hurt so bad. The sun is dangerous, so it’s important that we take good care of our skin both before, during and after sunbathing. I’ve always used an old trick, when getting a sunburn. I would put greek yoghurt all over my skin and just lay, while it sank into my skin.
Therefore I was super excited when this product launched, based on the yoghurt trick.Yoghurt is a natural source of lactose, proteins and minerals and vitamins, that can increase the water content of the top layers of the skin, to cool it down and relieving UV-induced redness.

Cooling After-Sun Face & Body Yoghurt, Korres, 190 DKK HERE


Remember always to use sunscreen in your face – all year around.
But there’s nothing more annoying than sunscreen burning your eyes or making your skin greasy.
This product is super light, easy to use and has anti-aging ingredients in it, to prepare your skin from aging and UVA and UVB.
It’s perfect for a day on the beach or by the pool, when you don’t want a burning face from mixing sunscreen and saltwater.

Anti-Age Face SPF30, MUTI, 260 DKK HERE


Okay, this is for your who really don’t like sunscreen. You don’t like the feeling, the smell or the look it gives you.
Do you feel like the sunscreen will ruin your makeup or did you just forget to put it on? This product is simply genius! It’s a sunscreen in sprayform – which means that you easily can apply or reapply it all he time, anywhere and anytime.
It’s like a mist that gives you tons of hydration and a SPF50.
This is gonna be my all time product to carry around in my bag this summer.

Ambre Solaire Hydrating Face Protection Mist SPF50, Garnier, 90 DKK HERE


Never ever forget the lips – you don’t want wrinkled, sad looking lips – do you?
This is one of my favorite products. It has a SPF20 and gives you smooth, hydrated and protected lips.
Perfect for everyday use or when your lips gets dried out from too much sun bathing.

Lip Balm Sun SPF20, Tromborg, 180 DKK HERE

Now you know which products will help you out this summer. Remember to take care of yourself and your skin – and stay in shadow from 12-15 AM.

x M

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