BEAUTY NEWS: Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

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How cool are these products from Aurelia? So cute, right?
As you may know by now, I’m not always a fan of organic products.
I like the idea that there’s pure ingredients in what I use on my skin – I just haven’t always had the best experiences with it.
These products however, I really have gotten a thing for already!

The Aurelia products are BioOrganic skincare, which means they denotes a farming practice, which is like organic farming, a practice where no toxic chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides) are used in the process.
.. And of course these products are made from organic ingredients as well.

I’ve already tried a few of them – and I really really like them.
Some of them comes in a little beauty bag, that is perfect for travel.
So I think I’ll use them when I leave for Toscana next week.

The most exciting thing I’ve tried so far, is the cream deodorant. Sounds cool right?
It’s a powder based cream that you apply in your armpits with your fingers. Maybe this doesn’t sound so charming, but it’s a really good product. It keeps your skin dry, while absorbing sweat and kills any bacteria.
The scent is everything between lavender, peppermint and tea tree eucalyptus.
It really works wonders! You can buy all their products in Magasin.

Botanical Cream Deodorant, Aurelia, 195 DKK HERE

Stay tuned on the other products.
x M


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