How To Get Tanned Legs in Less Than 5 min

BEAUTY NEWS: Dior Addict Laquer Sticks

Hi guys,

Sorry for the missing content on the blog.
As I told you I’m on holiday in Tuscany – and right now I’m up in the mountains with no signal or wifi.
It has been killing me the last couple of days! But I’ve been filming a lot of good stuff for you, so as soon as I’ve got a steady wifi, I’m back online! Until then, I’ve wanted to share with you some of my favorite lipsticks at the moment.

The Dior Addict Laquer Sticks 

They’re so good and I like to use them different ways.
They’re super pigmented, which gives you a perfect covered color – but I also love to just dap a bit on the lips for a tint or pop of color. They’re good either way.

In the video I do a swatch on the whole range, so you can find your favorite.

Dior Addict Laquer Stick, Dior, 235 DKK, HERE 

Lots of love from Italy,

x M

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How To Get Tanned Legs in Less Than 5 min