BEAUTY NEWS: Dior Metallics


After a lot of questions on how I do my brows – I’ve made a video tutorial for you!
My brows are a bit lighter than usual these last couple of weeks, which people have started to notice.
Normally they tend to be a bit darker because I color them, but it seems like this colors fits my blonde hair better.
I always go for natural, bushy – yet defined brows, and this way is super simple.


Brow Beater, Urban Decay, HERE

Bold Brow Mascara, Dior, HERE

ProPencil, Anastasia Beverly Hills, HERE

Clear Brow Gel, Anastasia Beverly Hills, HERE

Soap Brows, HERE

Sorry if the video is super up and close, this is the first time I do a close-up video – and OMG, that’s horrible to see yourself that zoomed in! I’m still trying to figure out the best angles and what works best, so bare over with me.
Well, I had to sacrifice myself for a good video, so don’t get scared of my super close-up eyeballs and pores!
I hope you like the video!

x M

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BEAUTY NEWS: Dior Metallics