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Hi beauties,

Wauw, this has been a long time coming. Without a note or any heads up I chose to pull the plug in November and take a long digital detox. I’m so sorry to those of you I’ve disappointed by doing so, but it was a personal decision that made me do this from one day to another. I simply wasn’t motivated. I was feeling confused about what I was doing and if it even made sense for you.
But after reading all of your messages and comments I now see that it wasn’t the nicest move to just leave you without a notice.

But I’m back and feeling better than ever.
I’ve already created a lot of great video tutorials, reviews and looks for you, that I just can’t wait to show you.
This time I’ve taken to myself has been a really good way of finding out what I want to focus on in my videos. How I can teach and communicate tips and tricks to you guys. It has really made me look everything through – so hopefully you can get even more inspired, get even more informed about products and get educated in everything within beauty.

As some of you already know – or have figured out from my small insta stories – I’m still living in Los Angeles.
The reason why is, that I impressive enough, passed the many tests and got invited to take my Masters Degree at UCLA here in Los Angeles. So right now I’m living here while studying Digital Marketing.
It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done – but it is also the most giving and I’m pretty sure I’ve become wiser and smarter in the last four months than I’ve gotten the last four years. Haha!
So while living in this beautiful city, being a nerd at school – I will of course share all my beauty secrets and step-by-step guides with you – but I will also invite you into my LA life.

I’m so happy and humbled that you’ve all been this patient with me and I hope that I can make up for it the next couple of weeks.
One thing is sure .. I’m very excited for this next chapter!

In the pictures I’m wearing one of my favorite highlighter palettes.
It’s the Urban Decay After Glow
Both on my eyes and the cheekbones – which gives a mesmerizing look and the most beautiful and intense glow on the cheek!
I absolutely love this palette. I either use it dry with a brush – or add a little oil to make it more creamy an mix it into the foundation, blush or eyeshadow.
You can get the palette HERE

I’ve missed you guys!
Thanks for waiting.





The next months calls for cold weather, dry cheeks and comfy clothes. So I wanna be prepared ..
I’ve gathered some of my absolute favorite products to use in the winter time, so you can survive the winter with me.
It’s all about hydrating and nourishing your skin, body and health .. and these products will defiantly become your new best friends. How great is it to buy something that’s good for you – and will save you money?!
I’m definatly gonna use this Black Friday as an excuse to stock up on my favorite products and brands.
So I figured I would gather some of my must-buys right here.

Best body lotion in the whole world, nothing to discuss here. Done.
Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion
Save 20% CODE B20

I can’t live without my Olaplex, it keeps my hair locked in, adds shine and health to my winter damaged locks.
Olaplex Hair Perfector No3
Save 20% CODE B20

This is the only product on my list I have yet to try. But I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this brand,
that I had to sneak it into my basket.
The Ordinary 

You all know I love French pharmacy products and this one will always be in my beauty bag.
Really good for all skin types – also sensitive.
Lait Creme Concentrate, Embryolisse
Save 20% CODE WIN20

One of the best serums I’ve tried – and it’s super cheap.
It’s like giving your skin a big glass of water.
Moisture Boost Concentrate, Yves Rocher
Save 50% CODE BLACK17

Always loving a little serum on my lashes, to keep them long and healthy.
M2 Lash Serum
Save 20% CODE B20

Did you see my video on how to give yourself a beautiful bouncy blow dry at home?
I love this one so much. See the video HERE
New Hair, Babyliss
Save 20% CODE B20

One of the best concealers out there. It gives the right amount of coverage and they come in so many shades!
Radiant Concealer, NARS
Save 20% CODE WIN20

I wanna have these flashy party shoes so bad for all the upcoming Christmas parties.
I’ve had them in my ‘Saved items’ bag for a while now, so why not save a little extra?
Elegance Embellished Pointed Ankle Boots
Save 20% CODE WIN20

Looking for a new ski jacket for the upcoming season, I had never though of looking at ASOS.
But then I saw this one, how cool is it?!
Volcom Snow Prospect Jacket
Save 20% CODE WIN20

This came base layer for skiing is so cool – I feel like I could be in that snow scene from Inception?!
You can never have too much base layer as a skier, just saying ..
Superdry Snow Carbon Layer
Save 20% CODE WIN20

elfcosmetics.dk 20 % off
nilensjord.dk 20-50% off
nelly.com up til 70% off
nordicfeel.dk up til 70% off

.. so beauty shoppers, go buy good stuff and save som $$!
x M








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Dior – Elizabeth Arden – Glossier – Lipstick Queen – Yves Saint Laurent

I always got a lot of questions on the products I use on my lips on a daily basis.
And yes, pink is defiantly my color when it comes to my lips, I can’t leave my apartment without a pink shade in my bag.
I don’t know why I’ve become so obsessed with pink lipsticks and glosses, but I just think that it adds such a nice definition, glow and color to your whole face. I doesn’t matter if its winter or summer, but a little color on your face never hurt.
Of course I’m always trying out new textures, colors and shades, but these 5 beauties are the ones I’ve been stuck on for the last few months. I’ll have them laying around in my apartment and in different bags.
Trust me, you don’t wanna meet a panicked Mia if I left my home without a lipstick with me.


Yves Saint Laurent
The most perfect peachy pink, looks perfect with a little tan and feels so good on the lips.
I’ve always thought that the designs on the Yves Saint Laurents lipstick is the most beautiful ever.
So this one doesn’t look bad in your party bag. I love this color, it’s vibrant and not too rich!
Volupté Tint-In-Balm, YSL

A newer addition to my pink family. This one looks more red-ish than it is – and yes, it does have a more deep red undetone.
I use this one for when my lips needs some extra nourishment, but at the same time wanna look kissable.
The color and texture gives you the most luminous pout, that just looks like it has been kissed.
This one is key to the no-makeup-makeup-look.
Balm dotcom Cherry, Glossier

Lipstick Queen
Yeah, this is a yellow lipstick. I know weird, right? But it doesn’t actually come off as a yellow shade.
This lipstick is a ph lipstick – or a mood lipstick as it’s also called.
The color will change depending on the ph number in your body, with makes it kinda like a personalized lipstick.
It will give you the most beautiful pink pout, with a little yellow undertone that reminds me of sunset.
It’s perfect for the summertime or when you’re having a tan.
Morning Sunshine, Lipstick Queen

Elizabeth Arden
This is hands down a perfect combo, for the ideal pink lipstick.
It’s creamy like nourishing lip balm, but gives you a sheer pink shade.
It smells like peppermint and makes your lips feel so soft and kissable. You can’t get anything but happy with this color.
Not too pink, not too sheer, not too nothing. It’s just super super good.
Gelato Plush Up Lipstick Candy Girl, Elizabeth Arden

Wanna have a little bit more action and definition? I’ve talked about these lipsticks before and I still love them.
This color is more of a rosy, dusty pink – which I really like when I wanna make my look all about the pout.
I always get compliments when wearing this one. It just makes your lips looks so ridiculous full and beautiful.
It’s one of my favorite colors from their range, so go find yours!
Lazy Laquer Stick, Dior

x M


Kissable Lips & Rosy Cheeks

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img_1648img_1647– sponsored – 

Hi guys,

A lot of you asked me after I did my first impression on the Glossier products, about these two darlings.
So I decided that I wanted to take a few shots with me wearing these gorgeous colors.
For the lips I actually wore both colors, starting with the Cloud Paint in the color Haze, and then finished with
the Cherry Balm Dotcom – which really smells and tastes like cherries!

I really like these two products, they make both my lips and cheeks feel fresh, rosy and kissable!
The cherry balm has already become my favorite go-to lip product that I always bring with me in my bag.

You should really try out some of there products – they’re not only cute. They’re hella good.
If you didn’t see the video where I’m testing and trying out all the products for the first time, you can find it HERE

x M


Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetimg_0138img_0140Photos by Maria Jernov / mariajernov.com 
Location: Playa del Rey, Los Angeles

Okay, you’ve probably seen this palette before on my feed.
But I love the colors so much – it really is all about the heat.
These colors remind me so much of these LA days, its so hot and even though I’m trying to enjoy it, I run for the shadow.
I love how these colors blends so nicely together and the shades are unreal. It really puts me into a specific mood.
I wanna play a little bit more with them and use some of the darker shades and the sparkling ones.
So if you own this palette, let me know if I should make a special tutorial or look for you!

For this look I used two products that I’m a huge fan of right now.


Naked Heat Palette, Urban Decay
I used the colors Sauced, Low Blow and He Devil.
It’s a matt dusty beige for the whole eyelid, a more burnt beige/brown for the crease and a reddish/burnt brown for making definition in the ender of the eye.

Paradise Ecstatic, L’Oreal
My favorite mascara right now – I don’t even have to curl them or anything.
They gets such a nice curl with volume and length!

I hope you liked it.
x M